Friday, 16 November 2012

Thank You!!!

I was nominated for this award by my lovely blogging friend Cathy...

so would like to say a big thank you hun!!!

I would also like to thank all my Followers....  I really appreciate your support and you taking the time out to comment... I know I have not been the best of bloggers lately...!!

I would also like to thank Pat who sent me a Get Well Card and this lovely Owl Cosy for my mobile... isn't it cute!!! you can just see my pink Samsung peeping out... it fits in properly though and is all cosy and snug... I love it!!! If you want to buy a Cosy like this or any of other Pat's fab creations then why not check out her Etsy Store... HERE!! 

Okay I'm going to see what I can find for tea and watch Neighbours and It Takes Two.... then I might do a little bit of colouring later... my chest infection is back yet again... but not feeling too bad in myself at the moment... don't think I am up to Children in Need though!! it's SO noisy.... LOL 

Will catch up with you all soon!
Love and Hugs


Doreen said...

Well done on your award Sue,such a lovely present from Pat,I am so sorry you chest infection is back.Take

jo said...

Hi Sue, congrats on your award! Love your owl mobile holder.....a lovely gift but so sorry to hear you're suffering. Sending you huge get well hugs!
Hugs Jo x

Pami said...

Hope you feel better very soon honey, sending hugs. Pami x

Sue - bearhouse said...

Congrats on your award Sue.
Your gift from Pat is gorgeous.
I do hope you feel better soon.
Take care of yourself
Hugs Sue

Donna Mosley said...

Well done on the award Sue and I LOVE your gorgeous phone cosy.

Donna x

EELS said...

Hiya Sue,
Congratulations on your blog award, I like the new design, yours is much nicer than mine lol.
The owl cosy is cute, trouble is if I had one on my mobile I would never hear it ring - bit audio challenged I am rofl.

Damn chest infections...go away, feel better soon mate.
Hugs and get well wishes from

xxxtglxxx said...

Sorry to hear your chest infection has taken back its grip :(

Hope you make a speedy recovery hun.

What a lovely 'cheer you up pressie'! :)



cotnob said...

Congratulations on receiving your well deserved award from Cathy and what a lovely gift from Pat.
I'm sorry to hear your chest infection is back, wrap up warm and enjoy your TV.
Take care.

Alessandra said...

hahaha lol, you watch NEIGHBOURS???? tee hee... so glad I remember that it is a serie on TV an dnot the trolls next door LOL!!
Wodnerful presie!
Hugs, Alessandra

Kathleen said...

Great gift, sorry to hear your chest infection is back.
CIN is not only noisy but so sad, I was literally in tears a few times.

Kath x

Ira Huberts said...

Congrats on your award Sue and how very sweet of Pat to send you this lovely creation, it's most adorable!! Hugs, Ira xox