Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thank You Rose Card

Hello... I hope you are all doing ok today... big hugs to those who are unwell or not feeling good.
Here's a quick Thank You card that I made with the lovely Rosebud Die that I won in Jo's Candy Draw a few weeks back.

I love how you can layer the rose up and think it looks stunning. I've just added some corrugated card for interest and a gem to finish. The gorgeous Thank You sentiment was a Birthday Gift a few years ago from my good friend Lynn :-)  It's wood-mounted and stamps perfectly every time, so I use it lots... it's fab for quick Thank You cards! 

I have to apologise again.... as my commenting is so bad at the moment.  I had another flare up with my chest last weekend, and the good news is that I actually managed to get over it without any antibiotics and steroids... but found that I had to have loads of sleep... but I'm still sleepy... and can happily sleep for 10 to 12 hours!! think maybe I'm turning into a hedgehog and getting ready for hibernation!! I feel like my body needs the sleep though, so I'm accomodating!

While I was awake!! Lol...  I made a few Christmas Cards, and really enjoyed making them. I started off copying some from my Making Cards magazine... it got the ball rolling and I'm feeling inspired again.

Downton again tonight!! and my lovely daughter is home, so we can watch it together.... I'm a happy bunny! :-D

I will catch up with you all soon
Hope you're having a relaxing weekend
Love and Hugs

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Folk It... More Hearts... and Chat...

Hello again... I'm back with some hearts that I made a few months ago... I have used a combination of patterns from Folk It Kits 1 & 2. I adapted the pattern to fit the smaller heart.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.. I managed to get back into my crafting and have made a couple of CAS cards which I really enjoyed doing. It sure is nice to have a break from my appointments, as going out aggravates the nerve pain in my spine, and it takes days to recover and I can't craft when pain is bad. But I 'm getting through my appointments and they're going ok so far.

I've been having tests to try and find the cause of my chest trouble. The good news is that they have now ruled out anything sinister. No lung cancer, no tumours, no emphysema and no damage to the airways... can't tell you what a relief this is, given how bad my chest has been this last year. I'm still having flare ups though, and my Consultant thinks it is ongoing virus/infection that is not clearing up properly. So I have to give samples when my chest flares up. That way they can identify which antibiotics will work best. He said it might take some time but he's confident that I will get over it eventually. Fingers crossed that I can get rid of it soon! 

My teeth are getting sorted.. I have one more tooth that is very decayed and am having that filled next Thursday. He said it might fail and need root canal... but I'm hoping it won't!!! But when that is sorted... then all the urgent treatment is over with... unless any more break or fall out!! Lol
Then I have an appointment with Optician for Glaucoma. I'm hoping that will go ok and I will just need monitoring or else eye drops. Fingers crossed. 

Yay! it's Downton again tonight!! isn't it great to have it back.... and Strictly too! :-)
Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend. 
Love and hugs

Friday, 25 September 2015

Hello and Thank You!

 Hello... I hope you are all doing ok today.... I know some of my friends are unwell or going through a difficult time at the moment and so I'd like to send love and huge hugs to them.

Sorry... it's been a while since I last posted. I've had a lot of appointments but I now have a wee break from them until next Thursday! Yay! so I'm trying to find my crafting mojo again ... but I have to say that I'm VERY slow at everything. I'm having a go at some CAS cards at the moment and hoping to get back into the flow... will see how it goes.

But I still have a lot of stuff that I made months ago and have not got around to sharing... so thought today I would show you this Audrey Hepburn Canvas that I made for my dear friend Ira's Birthday.

Quite a simple design but love the quotes.... I merged photos from the internet and printed them on photo card... then just added the embellishments. 

I was a very lucky bunny... and won some gorgeous candy a couple of weeks back...

so I would like to say a Big Thank You! to Jo... thanks hun! I really love this fab selection of goodies! the rose die is awesome!

Ah well... better go and check my Tesco order now.... before it's too late to add anything... so many little jobs to do.

A Big Thank You to all my Followers... I really do appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment!
Will catch up with you over the weekend!
Love and hugs

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Jamaica Rum

Hello... I hope you are all well today and having a nice weekend. Big hugs to those who are unwell or going through difficult times.

I haven't done very much crafting lately... but had an hour to spare last week and felt like getting inky.. so here's what I came up with...  I imagine this sailor is rowing ashore into the sunset... from his ship.. in some exotic place... maybe Jamaica? 

I created the background colour with my ink dusting brushes and distress inks. Then used Stampscape Stamps for the silhouette details. Finished off by colouring the huts and greenery with Copics.

I'm sorry that I'm not a very good blogger at the moment... my life is bit hectic as my chest keeps flaring up... and I'm having more trouble with my teeth. Hoping to get my teeth fixed very soon though :-D   and then I need some tests on my eyes!! Lol... oh the joys of getting old !!

I have hospital appointments every week through September ... so hope you will forgive me if I don't get around to commenting on some days. I can't seem to get motivated to make cards at the moment, so I'm just going with the flow and doing a bit of painting and colouring... might try some cross stitch.... and hopefully my creativity will return when things settle down a bit healthwise.

I'm having a very relaxed Bank Holiday Weekend though... have been enjoying reading my books and magazines... I still have some creations that I made a couple of months back and so I will pop back and show you them... :-)

Take Care and enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Love and Hugs

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Graduation Card

Hello all ... I hope you are all doing ok today... sending huge hugs to those of you who are unwell or going through a difficult time. 

I thought I'd share the card that I made for my Daughter's Graduation... I found some photos of the robe and bonnet online and did all the layout on my computer. Found a coat of arms that looked similar, changed it to gold, and added it to the red bits. Somewhere along the line, the red morphed into pink? Oops! think my printer was running out of a colour. But I didn't feel like starting again!!

I made a paper template for the hat and then cut it out of black felt. Pleated the crown and sewed it to the brim. I was trying to 'channel' my ancestor Nathaniel Barton who was a Hatter!! but hopefully not a mad one! :-) Then I found some cord and a tassel... painted them both blue to match.

Quite pleased with how it came out and happy that my daughter thought it was awesome!!

I've not had a lot of time for crafting lately but have been doing some of my Folk It painting when I can fit it in... as it's so relaxing. I'm onto the 2nd kit and so it's learning brush strokes as well as the dotting tool. The comma stroke is not as easy as it looks... so lots of practice needed.

My laptop died last week... but managed to revive it... it made me realise how important it is to keep backing everything up and to do it very often!!!

I'm in TV heaven at the moment... Bake Off AND Who Do You Think You Are!!! did you see those wonderful Black Forest Gateaux's last week... it's my favourite dessert... so I was drooling!! Lol

Thanks for visiting and for all your lovely comments
Take Care

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Folk It Hearts!

Hello!! At last... I am back in blogland. Sorry I have been missing for so long. I had my tooth out and all went well with the extraction... but I developed dry socket and infection which was very painful... so I had to go back to the dental hospital a few times for treatment. I'm ok now though... the gum is gradually healing. We have also been having a few jobs done on the house... we had a new boiler fitted last week and my daughter is helping us with some major clear outs... can't believe the stuff we are finding. Lots of things are going to the Charity Shops :-)

I completely lost my crafting mojo... so bought a couple of the Folk It Kits and watched the DVD's over a few times. Then had a go and love doing them. 

So these hearts are designs from the Level 1 Starter Kit. You get three patterns and so I bought some extra MDF Hearts from their shop so that I could have a go at all of them. The red and white one was the first one that I did and the hearts are a bit wonky... but I got a bit better with practice. I like the black one best of all. 

I wanted to put something in the middle of the blue one, so printed out a sentiment in reverse and used transfer paper to mark out the letters. Then painted them with thin paintbrush... but found it SO difficult keeping a steady hand... and not sure if I could do it again!! 

You get some Glamour Dust in the kit and so I added some to the green areas which looks quite pretty. I've added my own ribbon to two of the hearts but you get some twine for your heart in with the kit.

Gonna do some more of these with different colour combos and see how they look. I find them very relaxing to do. 

Can't believe we will be into August next week... my darling daughter graduated yesterday... and she is now officially a Doctor of Philosophy!! she has worked very hard for it and has been through some difficult times...  I'm SO proud of her!!! We went out to lunch in the afternoon to celebrate which was lovely.   

On August 5th...The Great British Bake Off will be back!! Yay... and Who Do You Think You Are should be on soon too... can't wait for them both. 

Hope you are all doing ok and enjoying the weekend! I'm so glad to be back in blogland as I have missed you all !! 
Take Care
Love and Hugs