Saturday, 17 September 2011

My Little Garden

Hi all, no card tonight. I wanted to post my card but the photographs that I took this morning are appalling!!! There was storm and bad light. Going to redo them tomorrow and I really hope they come out better!!!

In meantime, thought I'd show you a few piccies of my little garden. Now I know it's not the biggest garden in the world, and it's a bit higgeldy piggeldy, but it is lovely to sit out in on a beautiful day such as this. I took these photos on Thursday when I think the sun was having a last hurrah before Autumn!

We have quite a few holly bushes which are about 15 years old and suddenly they've all got berries on this year!! I will be sorted for decorating the Christmas Pud this year then!!! LOL

This is one of the holly bushes and I think the other bush is a form of Cotoneaster. It gets lovely golden, brown autumny leaves.

This is the old trunk of a dead tree. It used to be a gorgeous Cherry Blossom but we had to chop it down as it got too big. Now we have clematis climbing up over it.

Finally here are some gorgeous lilies that my mum bought recently. They are past their best but love the colours - like Oranges and Lemons!!

I really miss gardening. Can't do it anymore cos of my spine problems and arthritis. Used to grow loads of stuff from seed and have hanging baskets etc. But at least we still have some nice stuff in our garden that is low maintenance.

Went to Cinema with my friends this evening and we saw Jane Eyre - it was really good! very atmospheric! Really tired now though, so time for bed methinks.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!
Take care
Hugs Sue xx


DesignerDiva said...

HI Sue, love your little garden it looks just about the perfect size for low maintenance LOL The lillies are fab and still like to be going strong.
Had a manic couple of days here, not been near my blog! The craft class today was awesome - I got soooooo inky and smudged everything I touched!

Hugs Laurie xx


Oh wow! What a beautiful garden!

Cheryl said...

Hi Sue, your little garden is lovely, and those lillies are stunning. TFS.
Hugs Cheryl

Angela said...

Hy Sue,
your gargen looks really comfortable, i love it.Our garden is slightly larger, he has 500qm, and sometimes this is simply too much work.:)I'll hope you show us some picture from the decoration.
Many greetings

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely little garden. Very low maintenance,ideal for you and your back :)
I love the beautiful flowers and the bench, should always have a bench in the garden!
Have a lovely sunday.
I am going library with sarah to print her homework.
Hugs xx

Cheryl said...

oh beautiful garden hun,love the beautiful flowers,you have and the bench,hugs cherylxxxxx

chrissy xx said...

Now there's one thing I like nothing better to do Sue...That is to have a peep at other peoples gardens....I have a small garden especially for wild life no slug pellets for me lol...just like you a bench to sit and watch things grow.... Thank you for shareing.
Off to make my Christmas Card now for this weeks Challenges.....

KraftyKoolKat said...

What a lovely little garden Sue. Thank you for sharing. Glad you enjoyed your film.


Anonymous said...

Just lovely Sue - a little sanctuary to sit and relax in. xx

Vicky said...

So gorgeous...and peaceful... Sue..

have a super evening...hugs Vicky xx

SusanLotus said...

I always watch a british program on tv where they search for new houses/apartments. In Sweden the program is called "House-hunters" and the hosts are Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer. I just love looking at all the british houses and gardens. I also have several years of the paper Ideal Home on my shelves :) YOUR garden is adorable. A little oasis where to find a little peace. :)
( my english is not always correct... :s )
Have a great evening! Hugs!

SusanLotus said...

Beautiful flowers too! And I can imagine the pudding for Christmas will taste yummie! :)

Sue said...

Aww thanks for all your lovely comments!

Yes, I will have to make some decorations with my holly and berries!!! maybe a candle decoration :-))

I watch House Hunters sometimes Sussie - and my daughter and I love Grand Designs too!

Sue xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Love your little garden Sue :)

Really cosy and looks lovely to sit in.

I have a great big mountain in front of me, so not much landscaping can be done! lol :)

Glad you enjoyed your film too!