Friday, 8 February 2013

Thank You!

I was a very lucky bunny last week and won two Candy draws... so it has been like Christmas all over again!! :-))

Today a wonderful surprise package arrived from the lovely Pearl...

Lots of gorgeous goodies... I love the book of sentiments.. it will be so useful.. and there are lots of nice stamps, papers and embellishments... and some fab embossing folders and lots, lots more!! :-))

Thank You Pearl... it was a lovely candy package!

We had some wonderful sunshine today... if you stayed indoors warm and cosy.... you could almost imagine it was Spring!! we have snowdrops flowering... just waiting for the crocus now....

But tonight it has gone really cold... just turned my heating up.... my back is a lot better but I'm having to keep it super duper warm... my lovely teamie Janice suggested buying a Onesie!!! I know they have some lovely ones nowadays but....just the thought of me in a huge babygro really cracked me up... I laughed so hard!!! what are the scores George Dawes!! ROFL it would be perfect for these cold winter nights though... except for my weak bladder... do you have to take the whole thing off to go to loo? I would be exhausted by morning!! hee hee!!!

This week seems to have gone so quickly... can't believe it is weekend tomorrow... my daughter is home and so we will be catching up with some TV.... she has got me totally addicted to Ice Road Truckers!! and I always start singing 'Convoy' after watching it.... remember that Single and the Film ... can you believe it was back in 1978!! Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck... LOL

Sorry... it is the painkillers... I am a bit loopy tonight... Smile with tongue
Better settle down with my book... I have finally finished Winter of the World which was fab... now I'm reading Game of Thrones - it's a paperback but still huge!!! it feels so heavy after my Kindle!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and hope you have a lovely weekend!
I will be back soon with a Glitzy Valentine's Card! 
Take Care
Love and hugs


Anonymous said...

Congrats Sue, lovely candy! Lol, I couldn't be doing with a onesie either! Enjoy your book and time with your girl!

Doreen said...

Well done Sue, enjoy your lovely new

Janice said...

Well done you on all that candy! And I'm so pleased I gave you a giggle at the onesie, but hey, don't knock them till you've tried - I love mine, however I have been advised it's not the most attractive of night attire! Jx

Sue said...

Well done Sue, such lovely goodies for you to play with!
My daughter loves her onesies but not for me, I really don't like the idea of taking the whole thing off to go to the loo and imagine how cold your top half would be while you were going!! LOL!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm
Hugs Sue

Mary J said...

It's flippin' freezing! Got the bed blanket on - going to go snuggle in it in a mo'!

Your poor back - it's so horrible when it's in pain. I hope it feels better when you wake up. No laughing!

Fab candy - hope you enjoy it this weekend!

Love those book choices - I'm on Terry Pratchett for a bit of a giggle at the mo'

Nighty night, Sue!

Unknown said...

Good on you Sue and hearty congrats on your super win/s I'm sure you'll enjoy going through it all, know I would.

Cheers and stay warm, bloomin' hot here!

Claire said...

You are on a roll Sue LOL. Enjoy your goodies. Hugs, Claire x

coops said...

huge congrats on your wins sue.enjoy your goodies :D

xx coops xx

cheryl said...

oh wow Hun,good for you could not have happened to a nicer,lady so I am really chuffed for you have fun hun and stay warm too hugs Cherylxxxxx

Evie said...

Congrats. Enjoy your lovely goodies.

Unknown said...

Wowzers Sue! Congrats on winning these fab goodies!! Awesome candy!! Enjoy (but I know you will ;-) Big hugs, Ira xox

Shannon White said...

Wowie!! Lucky you Sue!! Congrats Lady! What a fantastic Win and such Wonderful goodies too! 8-)