Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My 50th Birthday

Hi All, I thought you might like to see some of my Birthday Photos...... they are a bit higgeldy piggeldy and not in any order - sorry!! but you can see from these piccies that I got some beautiful cards and gifts - Wow! I was really spoilt. This post is very photo heavy !!!!! LOL

A BIG Thank You to Lynn, Teresa, Chrissie,  Ira,  Lisa,  Debs!

A BIG Thank You to Lynn, Mau, Laurie and Chrissie!

A BIG Thank You to Alessandra, Chrissie and my Mum n Dad!  Ooh the Downton Abbey Book has lots of lovely photos - so I can drool over Matthew!!! LOL)

and my cards....

Thank You Laurie and Teresa!!!

Thank You Ira and Lisa!!!

Thank You Debs and Hazel !!!

Thank You Lynn and Amanda & Adam!!!

Thank You Pami and Claire!!!

Thank You Mau and Chrissie!!!

Thank You Sandra!!!

Thank You Shirley, Mum and Dad!!!

Thank You Alessandra and Chrissy!!!

Thank You Pat!!!

So a Big Thank You for all your beautiful cards and gifts and also for all your good wishes by email or comments - I really do appreciate them all !! :-))

My daughter also got me some lovely Kasbah Glass Fairy Lights which are for when I get my room sorted out - which could take until my 60th at the rate I'm going!! LOL. I also got quite a few paper pads off family and friends so I'm looking forward to using them very soon! I also got some decoupage sheets and toppers. I love doing decoupage and am determined to do more!!!

We took some photos but I am paranoid about my thinning hair and being overweight!!! and when anyone points a camera at me these days, I am like Chandler off Friends!! I pull very strange faces...

When we saw this in the Viewfinder we were crying with laughter!!!!! I look like Benny Hill !! 

Benny Hill impression!

Can't believe how weak I am nowadays - my hands were shaking holding this bottle!!!

My Precious! LOL

These are some photos that we took in the garden - it was a beautiful sunny day!!

My lovely daughter Christina!
Chrissie and me


Chrissie and me

Me (nice photo but still a bit 'Chandler' LOL )

The fun really started when we tried to open the Champagne. I am usually the one who opens any bubbly in our house, but I was too weak!!!!!! that cork just didn't want to pop!!! LOL Chrissie was waiting to get a photo of the actual 'popping' but she just ended up with a load of photos of me straining and groaning!!! ROFL and she came to the rescue in the end and got the blighter out!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely week and enjoying the sunshine!! :-)
Ok gonna Publish it now before I chicken out..... LOL
Love n Hugs!
Sue xxx


chrissy xx said...

Oh Sue you are a STAR!! Thank you sooo much for putting all your photo's on lol...There's not many of us out here in blogland (if we are honest) will do that...Really enjoyed them.. Did laugh lol watching you hold that box of profit-er roles and your Champagne was surprised you hadn't already opened them...he! he! bet your mouth was watering having your phot taken ... LOved the video too....Brilliant photo's glad you enjoyed your day.

Pami said...

Sue that clip is hilarious!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful cards and pressies, and the photos are wonderful! Looks like you had a lot of fun, which you completely deserve!! P x

DesignerDiva said...

Oh Hunny you have to change your profile pic! You look amazing and so much younger! I love all your pictures especially of you and your beautiful daughter, its lovely you recieved so many gorgeous hand made cards - you totally deserve them!
Being the old sot that I am I have mastered opening champagne bottles without spilling a drop lol - hold the cork still and turn the bottle, it works every time!
Big Hugs
Laurie xx

Debs said...

Oh Sue thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and that video clip was priceless - loved it lol!!!!
Looks like you had a fabulous day and got some scrummy pressies.
Enjoy your evening.
Debs xx

Alessandra said...

hahaha, hilarious Sue! I laughed so hard it was almost like I was part of the party ... thanks so much for sharing!! I love your Chandler pics, tee hee...and nooooooooooo way being overweight, who said that??! I know some really overweight ppl and you are NOT!! And then...silly me still had the darn price on the chocolate bunny!!! Gosh how stupid I was!!! But I screamed with laughter when I saw it!!!
So glad you had a lovely time!
Biggest of hugs, Alessandra

Cheryl said...

oh my dear Sue,oh you so deserve all those presents,Hun,bless your heart and those photos are just gorgeous and so is your daughter and that video clip Hun was brilliant sure made me laugh hugs Cherylxxxxx
love big hugs Cherylxxxxxxx

Donna Mosley said...

Aww! Sue, what lovely pics hun. Ooh! you got some gorgeous cards and gifts. :o) Love the photos of you, you have a very happy face, love the chandler one. I too have loads of 'em. Great video clip too, still chuckling.

Donna x

Vicky said...

They are all so gorgeous Sue...love the piccies sweetie and you so made me LOL...fab video clip...and wonderful cards and gifts too :o)

biggest of hugs Vicky xx

Ineke van den Akker said...

Congratulations, Sue! What a wonderful cards you've got.
Greetings from Holland.
with love,

Teresa said...

Hi Fairy Sue! Oh, what fabulous Piccies - you are a lucky girl, so lovely to see them all, you had such a lovely day and what a well done video, love the Benny Hill music! Glad you managed to get some champagne down you after that, you deserve it! Have a great week and biggest of hugs, Teresa xx

Lily Anuska said...

Sue I am glad that you spent birthday so nice. You brighten my day. Smile me to tears. Thanks for sharing with us these pictures. Have a nice week. Lily Anuska

Elaine said...

Wow what a lucky girl you were glad you had such a good time and all those lovely pressies and cards , The photo with your daughter is fab and the others .
Hugs Elaine

jo said...

Oooo, you lucky lady!!Looks like you had a fab Birthday - loved your Chandler face lol!!Love the pic of you and your Daughter - so special.Thanks for sharing and here's to many more Happy Birthdays!!!
Hugs Jo x

Lisa Jane said...

wo what fabulous pics... gorgeous cards , presents and i love the photos of you and your daughter .. i am with Laurie - you should change your profile pic.. but then she should change hers too lol
Lisa x

EELS said...

Well who's a lucky girl then! What great prezzies you received Sue. I still am trying to educate my family and friends to give me craft stuff for occasions but it never happens. Loved the video too.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sue, oh my you have me in stitches!!!! I love the clip with the benny hill music, when I was young we used to watch him all the time, you could have had a bit at the end where you were running around the yard hehehehe. You received some gorgeous cards and presents, thanks for sharing your special birthday with us all. I wish I had your address , so I could have sent a card too. Take care
Big Hugs Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Wow indeed you've been spoiled! Look at all the presents! But you deserve it cos you are amazing.I am specially jealous for the chocolate and the profiteroles you are holding, i'd do anything for chocolate!
Love you little video as well, very funny.
You look gorgeous and your daughter looks so much like you, two beautiful girls!
I hope you have a lovely week with lots of sunshine.
Warm hugs xxx

cotnob said...

Sue, I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday, your little video did make me laugh.
Have a great week.

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

What a lucky lady you are, some gorgeous cards and goodies, so glad you had a lovely day, the little video was great too, love the comical music you put on it
Lindsay xx

CraftyC said...

Love your piccies Sue and belated birthday wishes!!

Ira Huberts said...

You really should make more movies Sue, you really rock the show!! Loved watching it, you may have heard me laughing out loud! So glad you received so many wonderful pressies and cards, you only turn 50 once, right! Lovely post, btw, you and Chrissie really are mom and daughter, you´re so much alike!! Big hugs, Ira xox

SusanLotus said...

Hi Sue! :D
Awesome gifts and your daughter looks lovly! I wish I had sent you a card... Hope your 50th year will be a great one! Hugs!

KraftyKoolKat said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely photos with us. Lovely to see updated photos of people. You did have a lovely selection of prezzies and cards.


Susan Flynn said...

Sue your pictures are fabulous you look so happy and enjoying yourself! The video is hilarious and I sat here smiling my head off at it!! Your hair looks lovely I don't know what you are worried about and you certainly don't look overweight to me, I think we ladies of a certain age are a bit curvier than the stick insects you see on the catwalks but we've got the families to show for it!! Your daughter looks lovely and you both look so happy. Thanks for sharing you brightened up my day (I'm still smiling) xx

Mau xx said...

So sorry I missed this when you posted it Sue, I seem to have a few days trying to catch my tail :(
You are one lovely Lady, its so special that you shared your day with us. xx
Your pics are lovely, your daughter has such a lovely smile and its clear to see you love each other to bits. The Video is a hoot! Den wants to know what I am laughing at xxx Hugs Mau xx

Shannon White said...

Oh Sue! A Very Happy Belated Birthday to you! 8-) loved all the Wonderful pics you posted! What Fabulous prezies and cards! Goodness! 8-)
The photos of you and your Daughter are just Beautiful! Loved the one you said was your Benny Hill impression! lol and your video sure made me chuckle too! So glad you guys were finally able to get the champagne open to celebrate!! Looks like it was a Wonderful Birthday! So Perfect for a Wonderful Lady such as yourself! 8-)

Big Hugs!

Betka said...

I'm so glad you had a happy day Sue! Thank you for sharing with us these pictures and clip.
What Fabulous gifts and cards! Very happy birthday .... again :O)
Have a happy weekend! Big hugs, Betka

angelwhispers said...

Looks like you had a great day Sue and all the photo's are just fab you are such a star!!!!

Loving all your pressies and your cards what wonderful keepsakes just love receiving hand made cards so much nicer dont you think!!

Thanks for sharing Love Chanelle xxx

xxxtglxxx said...

It looks like you had a brilliant day and was spoilt rotten (you so deserve it too!)

Fabulous pictures, just gorgeous pressies, cards and so lovely to see smiley photos too :)