Sunday, 4 March 2012


Sorry that I can't visit anyone or email at the moment :-(  I have been trying all day - but my internet connection keeps cutting out altogether, or else it takes about 5 minutes for every page to load. It's not doing my blood pressure much good, so I'm abandoning it now and going to watch Upstairs Downstairs!!!
Will try later! 
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!
Big Hugs!
Sue xxx

Edit: Monday - Sorry - my internet is still dire I'm afraid. Virgin are doing some upgrading. Just took 20 minutes to upload 1 photo and an hour to do about 7 comments! It comes back to life briefly every now and again and so will try to catch up with some of you when it is having a revival LOL Now I am off to make a cup of tea while this post loads........ :-(
Love Sue xx


chrissy xx said...

Oh! What a mess Sue....Hope Mr Blogger comes back to you soon...
I'm waiting results of Dancing on Ice.
You've changed your blog...Spring is on it's way lol...

Lisa Jane said...

oh no.. well hopefully after a rest he will be good for you lol
Enjoy the Tv
Lisa x

Doreen said...

Oh you shouldn't worry Sue,I hope your internet ends up

Cheryl said...

Hi Sue, sorry to hear you are having internet problems, enjoy your show and relax .
Hugs Cheryl

Ira Huberts said...

I know the feeling Sue, albeit slightly different: I wanted to play my new WII Just Dance 3 version, but our system decided not to give any sound, hey, how are we suppose to dance without sound, lol! I've been checking on and off yesterday, but to no avail. Good luck with your internet!! And I hope you enjoyed watching that show last night! Big hugs, Ira xox

Teresa said...

Hi Sue,
Oh poor you! We're with Virgin too and they're usually quite stable (touchwood!) Hope they sort it out for you, what a nightmare for you:( You take it easy...Big Hugs, Teresa xxx

KraftyKoolKat said...

What a pain for you Sue. Hope it is all sorted soon for you.


Delphine said...

I hope everything is fixed soon! I love technology, when it works!!!! Hugs Delphine xx

Shannon White said...

Hey Lady! I have an Award for you over at my blog! 8-)

I sure hope your internet finally decides to behave! 8-)

Big Hugs
Shannon 8-)