Sunday, 6 February 2011

Ooh - Blog Award!

Another nice surprise!  Laurie has kindly given me this award which I shall proudly display in my sidebar!

Now I am supposed to pass this on to 8 people after I've told you 8 things about myself!  Here are 8 things about myself:-
  1. I was born on the same day, month, year as Sir Steve Redgrave (Olympic Rower)
  2. I was a terrible teen! and once told my mum that I was going on a picnic, when actually I took rope, torch and ginger wine and went caving with friends!!
  3. I love Egyptology and would love to see The Pyramids and Sphinx one day.
  4. Another hobby of mine is Genealogy and I have traced most of my tree branches back to mid 1700's.
  5. I love composing and playing songs (albeit badly) on GarageBand Apple Mac.
  6. Queen Elizabeth visited our local park for Silver Jubilee in 1977 and I took a photo of her passing in car. Due to crowds, all you can see is a white gloved-hand waving through the Rolls !!! LOL
  7. Aged 15, I went with the school to Mont St Michel, France and along with two friends, got locked in the Monastery. We nearly missed the coach home and the teachers hadn't noticed we were missing!!
  8. I love History, especially Tudor Period and have read lots of books on it. I also love the series "The Tudors" (hot totty lol) and contrary to popular belief, most of it is surprisingly accurate!!
I don't know 8 people to pass this on to !!!! sob, but anyway, will pass this award on to the 5 beautiful followers that I have and if they wish to partake then they can do so. Oh no, I can't pass it back to Laurie! I only have 4 followers now, sob, sob, LOL.  Ah well, quality rather than quantity!!

It is fun way of getting to know each other! Thanks Laurie!!


Anonymous said...

Oooh 8 things about me, i'll have to think hard!
Thank you for the award, i'll post it soon on my blog.
I love Genealogy as well and History!
Hugs xx

Sue said...

Hi Pat!

Yes, I had to think hard to come up with some interesting facts! LOL.

Sue xx