Thursday, 14 March 2013

MAWTT - Spring is in the Air

Hello... just a quick post to say that our lovely Lisa over at  MAWTT has a new Challenge today....

'Spring is in the Air'

This week it's the turn of Team B and so I haven't made a card... but hope you can pop on over to  MAWTT  for more details of this fab challenge and you will love all my Teamies Spring themed cards ... they are gorgeous!!  I do hope you will join us for this week's challenge! 

I think the birds have given up on Spring coming and are just getting on with things.... as our Blackbird has been singing the Dawn Chorus at 5.30am in the snow!!! LOL

 the snow didn't stay long here in Manchester thank goodness... and we have had lots of sunshine this week... but still very cold...

I seem to have had a very busy week and not much to show for it? do you ever have week's like that? 

I have made a couple of cards this week but they took me SO long to make... I honestly think I am getting slower!!! 

Not long until weekend and I haven't even looked at what is on TV yet!! now that is a first!! LOL Hope there is something good on... :-)

Hopefully I will be back very soon with a card... 

Take Care
Love and hugs


cotnob said...

Hi Sue, my Pear tree is starting to shoot in the garden, probably not a good idea with the weather the way it is at the moment!
I do know what you mean about it taking ages to make a card, sometimes it takes me forever - it's usually finding the right papers and then choosing embellishments, quite often I give up and just keep it really simple because nothing seems to work.
Having said that your cards are always beautiful.
I'm sure you will find something good to watch on the TV at the weekend - I will look forward to hearing what it is!
Take care and keep warm.

KraftyKoolKat said...

Yes I agree sweetie, everything is in a mess nature wise. No one knows what to plan or what they are doing. Hope you are feeling not to bad today sweetie.


chrissy xx said...

Glad you out here blogging Sue. Most weeks are just lost lol..Been busy this week with Tele/You Tube catching up with Crufts! One of our friends won the Freesyle heelwork to Music..She lives in Belgium now but comes from Blackpool!LOvely to see.
Weather is cold..we are still feeding all the birds...they don't know what's happening do they
Don't think there's much on tele at weekend

Hazel (Didos) said...

Its chilly here but not much snow either, Thank goodness, kinda went off snow when we had the accident the other month!!

My Neighbour had planted out is new flowers so hopefully they have survived, We need to start gardening now!!!

Im not sure whats on TV either this weekend, Comic Relief is tomorrow but thats All I know,

Sending Big Hugs,


Unknown said...

Hi sweetie! Yes, we all need the spring I suppose, the winter is lasting much too long, it won´t be long before I´m going to hibernate, lol, might as well skip winter entirely! Tonight I´m going to watch another episode of Sixth Sense, Crime Scene. Hope you will find something interesting, too! Big hugs, Ira xox

Mary J said...

Yep, I've had that kinda week too, Sue! I can't wait until tomorrow is over and I can start doing nothing for the weekend too!

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
I got my laptop at last! So now I can post as much as I like :))
Here the weather is very windy and raining. It's very sad :(
I'm going to make some more bunnies.
Hope you are well.
Talk to you soon.
Warm hugs xx

Unknown said...

Hi Sue, I don't know what's happened to Spring either - it was snowing here during the week, today is miserable and raining and still cold!! I will be much happier when it starts to warm up a bit.

I can so relate to the taking ages to make one card - I don't know how people who sell them manage. If I charged man hours for my cards (not that I sell them) they would be hundreds of pounds each!!!

Hope you find something good to watch on the TV - I find that a hard job most of the time.


Shannon White said...

Spring has sprung here too! It's been up in the 80's! Wowie!! But we will be getting cooler temps and rain in the next day or so..;-) An I am right there with you! I have had lots of weeks that were too Busy but not much to show for it.. So funny sometimes my cards are created in a flash, but most of the time it takes me For- Ev----er... LOL;-) I think I must be getting slower too! lol :-)

Big Hugs To you My Sweet Friend!