Friday, 25 November 2011

Woo Hoo The Old TV Combi has left the building !!!

Woo Hoo - YAY !!!!

Can't resist sharing!! I am SO happy!! the old tv combi has finally gone !!!! I have been trying to get rid of the blooming thing since August.  Nobody wanted it. We tried Charities of every sort and looked on places like Ebay but basically nobody wants a heavy old 4:3 even in full working order. Honestly the stress of trying to get rid of this ..... anyway, today we final paid somebody to take it away!!! and I don't care - money well spent LOL

Next job was putting up my brand New Widescreen and DVD Recorder that have been stuck in their boxes waiting to be installed since August!! I have actually nearly finished paying for the TV. Sorry I know you think I'm mad, but can't tell you how good it is to finally get this up and running.

The downside .... my mum and daughter moved all my stuff for me and then unpackaged and put tv and dvd up. But then I tried to tell my daughter and mum where the cables went but ... ended up plugging some in myself which meant a tiny wee bit of stretching. Well that's all it takes with my spine problems,  and so I am totally kaput. My disc pain is mega bad and can't actually move. My co-ordination has gone so won't be able to craft for day or so at least (sob, sob). Anyway, at least while I am on bed rest I now have spanking new telly to watch LOL. 

Telly is great anyway, fab picture and it all works ok. Just watching Vicar of Dibley and Ooh er ... Jim is doing the Full Monty routine. Not something you want to see in Widescreen HD ROFL....

Hope you all had a good day!
Hugs Sue xx


chrissy xx said...

WoW! Sue this look like one good picture! Glad you got 'sorted'.
But just take care!

Anonymous said...

Yeah new TV! :)
I hope you get better soon, you have to be careful. The same with me, if i stretch too much i am stuck for days!
Take good care!
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

YAY!!So glad you've sorted this out but sorry you're in pain Sue - why do we do it?!! I once used my foot to push a drawer closed and ended up with a slipped disc. Years ago I was in hospital for a month on traction because of disc trouble. Poor you, it's sooo painful. Hope it eases soon.

Vicky said...

Woohoooooo the tv looks brill hun and so pleased it's finally up n!

So sorry to hear about your back tho'...hope it sorts itself out very soon...I know how you feel :o(

sending big hugs Vicky xx

Pami said...

Oh dear Sue you poor thing, I hope you feel better very soon, but good news on the TV! It looks great! Take care honey. Pami x

DesignerDiva said...

The TV is fab Sue but poor you! It must be so horrible to be so limited in your movements, makes me realise I take far too much for granted, all my limitations are in my head - bloody depression has a lot to asnwer for too!!
Big HUgs Hunny, strictly's on tomorrow
Laurie xx

Cheryl said...

Hi Sue , A HUGE Congrats on your new telly equipment , looks lovely. But I am so sorry to hear you have put your back out and you are in so much pain. I wish you a very speedy recovery so you can get back to making your gorgeous cards. Take care of yourself.
Big Hugs Cheryl

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Oh Sue it looks fabulous but what a price to pay! I guess you can at least enjoy your new picture whilst you are recovering. Hope you are feeling better again soon, take care xx

Teresa - My Crafty Heart said...

Hi Sue,
Your new TV looks great, what a lovely picture!....but so sorry it has put you in so much pain again, I hope it doesn't spoil your weekend viewing too much, Big Hugs and hope for a very quick recovery, Teresa x

cheryl said...

oh hun,well done you for getting rid of the old tv and having your new one all set up and running looks amazing hun,but take care and make sure you rest up too hun,take care love hugs cherylxxxx

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Oh, Sue, I hope that you get a speedy recovery, I got a dodgy spine too so I totally understand what you're going through.

The telly looks fab, hope there's some really good shows this weekend for you to enjoy. Take good care now!

Warm hugs

Ally said...

ouch... I soooo know how u feel, have a slipped disc myself and the pain is just unbearable! Be careful, Sweetie! Enjoy the new tellie though and boss everyone around who is near you ;o))) (get me tea, get me food, rub my feet, caress my back...hee hee)!
Have a lovely weekend!
xxx, Alessandra

coops said...

fab new telly sue.sorry you`ve hurt your back though.chill out and now and watch telly until your back is better ;D

xx coops xx

Delphine said...

A new TV and a fab one, that is going to change your life (I love my TV LOL)!!! I hope you are okay tonight? Sending you big hugs Delphine xx

Anonymous said...

It's me again! Is that you in the magazine, i think Papercraft essentials? Are you from Nottingham?
Love your card there.
Hugs xx

SusanLotus said...

I understand your joy so well! Our TV crashed this summer so a couple of months ago we bought a new tv as well! Almost the same as yours. :)
Hope you will feel much better soon! Enjoy your sunday evening and the start of a new week.

Shannon White said...

Yay! Loving the flat screen Sue! Enjoy your Lovely new TV picture! 8-) I sure hope you back feels better soon my friend, having had back issues in the past myself, I know that type of pain is no joke..

Big Hugs to you!

xxxtglxxx said...

lol - I know just how you feel! We have a big house, and everyone seems to give us their cast-off tv's! We even have 2 in the outside larders! :)

Your new tv looks much smart though! ;)