Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Holiday Memories!

Hi peeps,

I was looking for a photo few weeks ago and found these scans of all my holiday slides.

So ... I thought I would treat you to some rare piccies of me on my holidays!  I might regret this but

Me and mum at Llandudno age 2 or 3 
Bless, I look like I was born in the saddle !! LOL

Me and my Brother and mum at Llandudno

Ooh those ginger curls !! LOL Mum made this dress and I  later used it on one of my dolls called Julie!

Dad and I on Great Orme Llandudno - I loved my Golly and took him everywhere!!!

I also loved my sailing boat! Erias Park, Colwyn Bay. Now wouldn't that dress pattern make lovely retro Designer Paper LOL!!! 

Erias Park, Colwyn Bay on Cycle Track

Not exactly Molly Blooms am I? Remember vividly I had a tooth missing at front and was trying to smile with my mouth closed! 

Dad and I outside 'Woodcote' 21 Coedpella Rd, Colwyn Bay where we stayed regularly

Oh dear! the teens have set in !!! LOL look at that wedge haircut and those socks!!! rofl Oh that is my darling Border Collie who was called Floss. She was such a sweet and gentle dog.

Looks quite cold here! I remember thinking this fur coat was quite cool at the time and wouldn't take it off LOL

Tegg's Nose, Macclesfield, Cheshire

Me and my School Pal, Nicola at our annual Fair! Whatever am I wearing?

Hope you enjoyed! I know I did - blast from my past!!!

Ok gonna Publish now before I chicken out !!! LOL

Love n Hugs
Sue xxx


Sussie said...

Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos with us! :)
Time flies too fast...

laney said...

Loved them Sue!!! a trip down memory lane!! Fabulous

DesignerDiva said...

Oh Sue I have enjoyed looking at your photo's, its like a trip down memory lane lol. I had a wedge haircut and I thought it was so cool. Love the pic with your dress tucked in your knickers - I can remember doing that too and as for what your wearing in the last one - lol - I had a top like that too, oh those sleeves!!
Fantastic - hope you have some more to share

Hugs Laurie xx

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so cute on that donkey! You have some lovely photos and it reminds me of my own youth as well.
Thank you for sharing them with us, hope to see more.
Hugs xx

Cheryl said...

Hi Sue, Wow you are a brave soul, your photo's are fantastic!!!! Sometimes things seem like just yesterday, time does fly by so quickly, thanks for sharing your memories.
Hugs Cheryl

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol.. these are fab.. i remember those fashions and hairstyles well lol
Lisa x

coops said...

oh lol, these are brilliant sue.i love to see old pics and to see the different fashions and hairdos :D
i used to have a little red trike and can remember our living room having the most awful red and cream flocked wallpaper :D

xx coops xx

chrissy xx said...

What a brave brave girl you are lol. Shareing all these wonderful memories with us! How times and styles have changed! We all thought how fab we looked it what we had on....now ????
LOved them all.

Teresa said...

Hi Sue,
What lovely photos you have shared and it bought back a lot of memories for me too, loved looking at them Sue and they are so lovely to look back on in many years to come, Hugs, Teresa x

Delphine said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and memories, Sue, they are fantastic! Have a lovely evening! Hugs Delphine xx

xxxtglxxx said...

Awww Sue, what fabulous pics and memories! :)

We all have dodgy pics like these, (lol) but seriously, they deserve to be shown, they are beautiful and part of the story of your life.

I inherited my uncles collection of slides..... boxes of em! And I spent months scanning them in, so after he died all members of the family got a cd with them on - such a fabulous legacy of memories that he left us :)



Elise said...

Ahhhhh! How PRECIOUS are these piccy's?!!!! Thank you for sharing them!!!! :)


Sandy's Stamping Scene said...

Hi Sue,
This is indeed a blast from the past. Loved looking at these old pics; isn't it amazing how clothes and styles we thought were so hot back then now make us blush. :-)

Thanks for sharing!